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Energy Audit in Kildeer

Home Energy Audit1° Temp Home provides the Kildeer area with expert energy audit services. Our tests will help homeowners to cut back on their energy use, and thus, on their energy bills as well each month. As a homeowner, have you ever given any thought to the amount of energy your family uses? Or how you could reduce that amount? All of your questions will be answered when you have a professional energy auditor from 1° Temp Home come to your home for an inspection. Our audits include the following tests:

These tests will help us to pinpoint areas of energy loss in your home. We will also work on a one-on-one basis with you to determine just how much energy your family uses in a day, week, month, and year. Afterward, we will help you to figure out what you can do to make your home more energy efficient, and this may include the installation of replacement windows, new insulation, replacement AC units and heaters, and more.

What Will the Auditors Do?

All of our skilled energy auditors at 1° Temp Home have been properly trained in the most appropriate and effective way to go about investigating all areas of the home. All appliances in your home that run on electrical power will be monitored to determine how much power they really use. We will also track down areas of energy loss around windows, doors, and through your basement or crawl space. We will also test the air to be sure that there isn't anything dangerous that your family is breathing in, such as mold spores or carbon monoxide.

After the audit is over, we will discuss our findings with you. If it's a good time to get replacement windows, doors, air conditioners, heaters, or insulation installed, we will tell you. Our team at 1° Temp Home has your family's best interests in mind. This means that we won't tell you that you need a new air conditioner if you really don't. 1° Temp Home's goal is to help area homeowners with saving energy, and thus, saving money.

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