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Energy Audit in Kildeer

Home Energy AuditOur team of professionals can provide you with an in-depth energy audit for your Kildeer area home. There are, unfortunately, a lot of homeowners who don't know that an audit could help them to understand how much they are spending each month on energy costs, and how it can easily be reduced. As a homeowner, have you ever given any thought to the amount of energy your family uses? Or how you could reduce that amount? Our energy auditors will be able to address all your questions and concerns, and help you by performing an inspection. We will be able to do the following tests:

These tests will help us to pinpoint areas of energy loss in your home. Our team of energy professionals will also work with you on a personalized basis to help you better understand just how much energy your family uses on a regular basis so you can better keep track of it. We will then help you to improve the efficiency of your home with new insulation, replacement windows, doors, HVAC units, and so on.

What Will the Auditors Do?

We make sure that we thoroughly train all our auditors to be sure they know the best ways to go about inspecting a home for areas of energy loss. During the inspection, appliances in your home that make use of energy will be looked at to see just how much they use on a regular basis. We will also track down areas of energy loss around windows, doors, and through your basement or crawl space. We can also test to make sure that there aren't any dangerous chemicals or substances in your home, such as carbon monoxide from a leaking gas furnace.

After the audit is over, we will discuss our findings with you. If it's a good time to get replacement windows, doors, air conditioners, heaters, or insulation installed, we will tell you. Our team at 1° Temp Home has your family's best interests in mind. This means we aren't going to tell you that you need some product or service if you really don't, just so we can make some extra money. Our mission here at 1° Temp Home is to help Kildeer homeowners with reducing the amount of energy they use, and thus, helping them to save money from month to month on energy bills.

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