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Bow Window

Bow Windows

As a homeowner, surely you've seen this style in a friend or neighbor's home and noticed how much class they can provide to a living room, home office, or breakfast nook. These windows are perfect for creating a comfortable seating area for curling up with a good book, talking on the phone with a friend, or just for relaxing. They also offer a great view of your garden or even the street outside, and they will deliver more light into your home. Are you a plant lover? If so, this style can be a fantastic location for plants that need a lot of sunshine!

This beautiful style is created from a minimum of four and up to eight casements attached together to form an arch. They are comparable to a bay style, except for the fact they are rounded and semi-circular.

About the Style

We can provide you with beautifully crafted moldings and full sized screens for ventilation. Also, we want to help make your life a little easier, so these windows have simple opening sashes for quick cleaning from the inside.

Also, your family's safety and security is a huge concern. We wouldn't offer you windows without the proper security features in place. Our bow style provides locking mechanisms for titling in sashes and snap in glazing inside the home.

Energy Efficient Windows

What's the Difference Between Bow and Bay?

  • Bay have three openings, and a bow can have more than three openings - sometimes four or five.
  • Bay consist of a picture window and then two other smaller windows on each side, and a bow is curved, creating a rounded appearance on the outside of the home
  • Bay protrude further out of the wall, adding extra space.
  • Bow let in a lot more light since they have more glass panes when compared with bay styles.

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